In our laboratory

High quality standards

At Ambra.lab we work in compliance with the highest quality standards. We apply strict control protocols on our work which have earned us ISO9001 and HACCP certifications.

The internal quality control with the entire analytical sector allows us to have the microscope constantly focused on our extracts and preparations. Exact titrations: reliable products.

Arrival, storage and sieving

The raw material enters the laboratory through a material passage dedicated to it. Once inside it is stored in refrigerated environments, with controlled humidity, pressure and air.

From here it goes to sieving, dry or in water, based on the quality of the raw material and then moves on to freeze-drying.


From here we come to pressing, which allows us to separate the extract from its waxy part: the trichome capsules. We do this through selective pressure filtration, under controlled heat. This particular process is also called rosintech and represents an avant-garde in cannabis processing.

In fact, thanks to our process we can keep the plant's phytocomplex almost completely unchanged, made up of an infinite number of molecules: terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids. The result is a prodigious oil, with a strong aromatic bouquet, thanks to the top quality hemp used.

Decarboxylation and titration

Decarboxylation is a very important part of our work as it has to take into account many needs and balance them. Activating phytocannabinoids requires heat input for a more or less prolonged period of time. However, heat is the enemy of the preservation of many light and volatile compounds such as terpenes, especially monoterpenes.

Tuscany Life Sciences

The Medicinal Research Center's equipment helps us further sophisticate our process. We can rely, for example, on pharmaceutical grade stoves, or ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) refrigerators capable of reaching -80°C. Tools of this kind allow us to get the best from the tanning or decarboxylation phases, always working in pharma grade conditions.