Where it all begins

It all begins at, in Cupi in the Tuscan Maremma. The farm is located right next to the Maremma Natural Park, among the Uccellina hills. This is an area of ​​great animal and plant biological diversity that we have chosen consistently with our mission.

In fact, Ambra is a benefit company, that is, a company whose main interest is not exclusively turnover. A benefit company operates, with more or less systematic actions, to improve the natural and social context in which it operates and beyond. The economic paradigm shift is evident and can be summarized in the fact that for Ambra the greatest gain is an increase in biodiversity and a greater diffusion of integrated agriculture and permaculture practices.

outdoor cultivation

Cultivate the soil

The soil on our farm is prepared for months before cultivation. It can be said that for a long period of the year, we effectively cultivate the soil itself. In fact, the soil microbiome is an element of fundamental importance in facilitating and supporting the nourishment of plants.

The roots, to give an example of what has just been said, are not "straws", which simply suck nutrients from the soil. In truth, it is the symbiotic relationship between the roots and a large variety of microbes that guarantees the supply of nutrients to the plant.


Seed germination

The germination of our seeds takes place in an indoor environment, so as to best preserve them from the elements, which could affect the onset of diseases and infections that are very difficult to treat in this delicate initial phase.

Our indoor nursery is specifically structured to treat plants in the very first days of germination. The control of air, humidity, light and temperature is meticulous and continuous; attention to detail to leave nothing to chance.

supply chain_traceability_code The seeds we use are certified as per the indications of L242/2016 and chosen exclusively from those in the community list of cultivable species. To ensure greater transparency in this regard, we proposed and took part in the supply chain traceability project of the Italian Society for Medical Hemp, with a database of tags and purchase invoices for all our seeds.


Natural mulch

Mulching is a practice that is carried out by covering the soil with material and is necessary to avoid the growth of weeds, maintain soil humidity and avoid erosion of its surface layer.

Mulching can be done with different types of material, but in Ambra we decided to opt for the simplest biological material: straw. There are not many tools for this practice better than straw and this choice allows us to never intervene invasively on the pallets erected for crops.


Permaculture and synergistic agriculture

The fundamental concept of permaculture is to cultivate living soil capable of regenerating and self-nourishing as best as possible

The four principles of synergistic agriculture are:

  • none processing of the soil;
  • no contribution of fertilizers;
  • no synthetic treatment;
  • no compaction of the soil.
Permaculture, on the other hand, can be defined as a design system for eco-sustainable human settlements , based on the centrality of agriculture and particular attention to the territory. It can also be defined as applied ecology, whose reference principles are extrapolated from the observation of nature.