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A new paradigm for CBD products. Quality as the watchword and preservation of the phytocomplex as the objective. We produce following the entire supply chain: from the BIO cultivar , managed with synergistic agriculture and permaculture techniques; to the ISO9001, HACCP certified laboratory located in the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation , at the center of the Tuscan life sciences district .

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Maremma Tuscany, pre-park area of ​​the Uccellina Regional Park

ORGANIC, synergistic agriculture and permaculture

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From living soil, to living oil

The raw material is grown using synergistic agriculture and permaculture at Ambra.farm . Here we maintain a living soil rich in nutrients for the plants, which will then be collected and transported directly to the laboratory less than an hour away.


The entire supply chain, from seed to user

Thanks to this smart supply chain , optimized to connect cultivation, research and processing, we can keep the product alive and vital. The internal analytical department scrupulously follows the entire evolution of the process, from the first cotyledons to the titration of the final oil. In our laboratories we store and process hemp in optimal conditions of pressure, temperature and humidity.


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